Nail HQ

Our Story So Far…

Spend a little extra time to pamper and repair your natural nails for amazing, long-lasting results. Keep up with the latest trends in nail treatments and accessories with Nail HQ. Our next generation of beautiful treatments give your natural nails the love and care they deserve, allowing you to achieve that perfect nail condition.

Our Products

Nail HQ features an effective range of nail treatments to help target all your nail needs. Packed with a selection of luxurious oils, vitamins and protein to be applied directly onto your nails, your journey to beautiful healthy nails starts with Nail HQ.


Nail HQ  mani and pedicure tools help to maintain your nails keeping them looking extra clean and fresh!


Fake it till you make it with the latest styles of Nail HQ false nails! With a set for every occasion, high-quality falsies are the perfect way to achieve salon worthy nails without leaving your home! Create an unforgettable look using our gorgeous collection that ranges from nudes to the cutest colours… there really is a style for everyone.