Our Story So Far…

Since founding in 2010, Invogue has developed a focused collection of fake eyelashes and fake nails. At Invogue, we hold the conviction that achieving a glamorous look and feel should be effortless, uncomplicated, and budget-friendly. For those seeking to enhance their daily beauty regimen without breaking the bank, Invogue’s fake eyelashes and fake nails are the perfect solution!

Our False Eyelashes, Fake Nails & Makeup Tools

Our Invogue fake eyelashes are designed for a subtle yet impactful look, and they’re incredibly easy to apply. Each pair is hand-crafted and hand-tied in Indonesia, using synthetic, vegan, and cruelty-free materials. Our fake eyelashes come in two main styles: the volumise range, which adds volume and length, and the glamourise range, for a thicker, fuller look.

The Invogue fake nails collection features a variety of shapes and colours in French nail styles. All our fake nails are paired with an easy-to-apply, 3-second glue, making application a breeze.