Glamourous Look & Feel

Since founding in 2010, Invogue has developed a focused collection of fake eyelashes and fake nails. We hold the conviction that achieving a glamorous look and feel should be effortless, uncomplicated, and budget-friendly. For those seeking to enhance their daily beauty regimen without breaking the bank, Invogue’s fake eyelashes and fake nails are the perfect solution!

Invogue Lash Vault

Our False Eyelashes & Fake Nails

Our Invogue fake eyelashes are designed for a subtle yet impactful look, and they’re incredibly easy to apply. Each pair is made using synthetic, vegan, and cruelty-free materials. 

At Invogue, we offer a selection of fake nails featuring a variety of shapes, lengths, colours and styles. All our fake nails are paired with an easy-to-apply, 3-second glue, making application a breeze.

Invogue Lash Best Life OE

Why Invogue for Fake Nails & False Eyelashes?

What are the main factors you look for in a new beauty product? 

  • Comfortable: Invogue false eyelashes and fake nails are so comfortable, you might even forget you are wearing them. 
  • Strength: Our products stay on for as long as you need them to.
  • Affordable: All of our fake nails and false eyelashes are priced respectfully to your desire to look great!
  • Aesthetic Packaging: Packaged in pretty pink, pink inspires feelings of calmness, kindness and passion, encouraging you to explore your creative side.
  • High Quality and Diverse: Every single pair of fake nails or set of false lashes are of the highest quality, and with such a diverse range there is something for everyone!
Invogue Soft Elegance Stiletto Nails

Behind The Scenes of Invogue

Have you seen our fake nails and false eyelashes in stores, on line, on socials? Invogue has a countless amount of tags on TikTok of beauty influencers using our products. Our sole focus is on delivering excellent beauty products. 

Invogue responds very quickly to changes in fashion and beauty trends, offering customers the latest fake nails and false eyelashes both online and instore through trusted retail partners. Our products are sold across the UK, Europe, Middle East and US. Working closely with manufacturers, international distributors, high street & online retailers, Invogue continues to excel in the global beauty market.

Invogue Lash Birthday Glam