Eye Candy

Our Story So Far…

Eye Candy was founded in 2008 and focused on the core principle of offering customers the highest quality lashes at very competitive prices. Persistent in keeping up with the latest lash trends, Eye Candy offers an ongoing collection of the newest style lashes. Not only is Eye Candy Peta approved, cruelty free and vegan friendly but it is committed to bringing you a range of different lash styles to suit every lash lover’s needs.

Our Products

Eye Candy’s extensive range of false eyelashes offer the customer a range of different styles including;  natural, volume, drama and maximum volume. The Eye Candy Lashes range is made from the highest quality hand-cut human hair from China; allowing a fuller and more intense look. Eye Candy also offer a gorgeous range of eyeshadow pallets, with colours to create endless eye looks! Not to mention the carefully designed range of treatments from Brow Serum to Mascara Lash Serum to help take care of your natural lashes too.