Our Story So Far…

At Brushworks, prides itself on being at the forefront of the beauty industry, offering the latest and most innovative beauty tools and accessories.

Since our launch, Brushworks has received tremendous recognition for the high quality and efficiency of our beauty tools and accessories. We’ve established a strong online presence and have built a loyal community on social media, testament to our commitment to excellence.

Ethical practices are a cornerstone of the brand. We’re proud to say that all Brushworks beauty tools and accessories are PETA accredited, ensuring they are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. In our commitment to sustainability, we’ve chosen to use cardboard for our packaging, significantly reducing the environmental impact of our brand. At Brushworks, we’re not just about beauty tools and accessories; we’re about making a positive difference in the world while enhancing beauty routines everywhere.

Our Beauty Tools & Accessories

At Brushworks, we provide a diverse range of products across various beauty segments, always upholding our fundamental principles of innovation and superior quality. Initially, Brushworks began with a foundational collection of makeup brushes and sponges. Since then, we’ve broadened our repertoire to include an extensive array of beauty tools and accessories, encompassing not just sponges and implements, but also haircare accessories and a variety of other beauty essentials.

Our expansion reflects our commitment to catering to all beauty needs, ensuring each product aligns with our high standards. Whether it’s through our meticulously crafted brushes, versatile sponges, or the latest in hair care, Brushworks is dedicated to enhancing beauty routines with our premium beauty tools and accessories.