Beauty Hacks Revealed: How to Use Beauty Tools Like a Pro

Discover the advantages of incorporating beauty tools into your routine: from achieving smoother makeup application to improving your skin’s complexion, the list goes on! 

In this blog, we will look into the various types of beauty tools and discover how to use these tools correctly. Join us as we uncover insider tips and tricks to elevate your makeup game to a new level.

Are beauty tools worth it?

Beauty tools can be highly worth it, as they have the potential to transform your makeup routine, providing precision, efficiency, and a flawless finish. Additionally, it’s not just makeup brushes that offer value; skincare tools can also play a significant role. 

There are many skincare tools on the market, ranging from tools that improve complexion, to ones that have the power to lift, and tone your skin. These types of skincare tools can enhance the effectiveness of your skincare routine, resulting in a radiant and youthful appearance.

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What are the beauty tools used in makeup?


Using a selection of high-quality beauty tools will not only make applying your makeup products easier, but it will give your makeup a seamless, skin-like finish, which is the ultimate goal. Here is a list of essential makeup tools you need in your makeup bag:


  1. Makeup Brushes: These come in various shapes and sizes for different purposes such as foundation brushes, concealer brushes, blush brushes and many more. Makeup brushes are a staple in everyone’s makeup bag as they help your makeup go on smoothly and evenly, creating a flawless finish.
  2. Makeup Sponges: These are great for blending foundation, concealer, and cream products seamlessly into the skin. Sponges also come in a variety of shapes and sizes for versatile application, ensuring a smooth, airbrushed finish.
  3. Powder Puff: A powder puff is a makeup tool used to apply loose or pressed powders onto the skin. They feature a soft, velvety material and are usually triangular in shape to fit into the contours of your face. A powder puff gently locks in makeup and provides a smooth, airbrushed finish.
  4. Eyelash Curler: This beauty tool is used to curl lashes by clamping down on the lashes and holding them in a curved shape for a few seconds, creating a natural-looking curl. This can help make the eyes appear more open and awake, and it also helps mascara to apply more evenly and effectively.
  5. Eyebrow Tools: Eyebrow tools are essential for achieving perfectly groomed brows. Tweezers help shape and define brows by removing stray hairs, eyebrow brushes help fill in sparse areas and spoolies enable you to brush up your eyebrow hairs, creating a groomed appearance.
  6. Makeup Mirrors: Having a good quality mirror with proper lighting is essential for accurate makeup application.

The importance of using the correct makeup tools

Using the correct beauty tools for your makeup is essential for creating a flawless finish. High-quality brushes and sponges ensure precise application, seamless blending, and optimal product distribution, allowing for a professional finish. Using high-quality brushes is not only for precise application but for also avoiding common issues like bristle shedding, which can ultimately ruin your makeup. 

Additionally, using your makeup sponge wrong can affect the outcome of your makeup. When wetting your sponge, make sure you squeeze all the water out – your sponge should be damp, not dripping wet. This will prevent excess water mixing with your foundation, which can end up taking your foundation off your face, leaving streaky and patchy results.

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Our top tips for a perfect makeup routine:


  1. Start With A Clean Canvas: Your foundation will only look good with skin that has been prepped properly, so making sure to cleanse and moisturise before foundation application is essential for a flawless finish.
  2. Use Less Foundation: It may be tempting to cover your whole face in foundation to begin with, however less is more when it comes to foundation. Start by applying a few dabs on each cheek, the centre of your face and your forehead, then work the product outwards. 
  3. Define Your Brows: Make sure to set your brows by brushing them upwards with a spoolie and some brow gel. This will define them and give your face a lifted effect.
  4. Apply Your Blush High: Blend your chosen blush into the high points of your face, right above your cheekbones, and blend towards your hairline. This will lift your face and give a youthful appearance.
  5. Cream-Powder Rule: When it comes to cream and liquid products, the rule is always creams before powders. Applying creams over powdered skin can look very cakey and patchy. It’s best to keep to the rules and trust that we know what we’re talking about.


Makeup sponge tips & tricks


  1. No-Makeup Makeup: You can use a makeup sponge to apply BB/CC creams, which will create a seamless blend with no harsh lines.
  2. Body Glow: A makeup sponge is perfect for glowing up your body! Use it to apply body oils, shimmers and creams across your body, including decolletage, legs and arms.
  3. Use It Dry: Get a full coverage base if you use your sponge dry.
  4. Don’t Throw It Away: When it’s time to replace your sponge, don’t throw it away. Instead, cut it in half and use it to apply nail polish for an ombre effect!
  5. Spray Your Sponge: Lock in your base by spraying your sponge with setting spray and bounce it into your skin – this will make your base last even longer!

Skincare tool basics: Everything you need to know


In the world of skincare tools, there are two main types: those for cleansing and those for enhancing and sculpting the skin. Cleansing tools, like brushes and scrubbers, deeply clean pores and remove dead skin cells. Skincare tools that help define the skin, such as rollers and gua sha’s, improve circulation and reduce inflammation. By using both types of tools, you can achieve a healthier and more radiant complexion. 


Best skincare tools to use for your at home beauty routine


The best skincare tools are ones that you can incorporate into your skincare routine that will enhance each step. Beginning with a cleansing brush during your face wash routine helps to further exfoliate and clear out your pores. Following cleansing, incorporating massaging tools like gua shas and jade rollers into your routine will help to lift and sculpt your face, improving circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. 

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What other skincare tools are there?


Just like we use tools to do our makeup, we also use tools to help with our skincare too. Here is a list of a few other trending skincare tools you need to try out if you haven’t already:


  1. Light Therapy Devices: These offer various different wavelengths to address different skin issues. Red for anti-aging, blue for acne and yellow light helps with the overall health of your skin.
  2. Facial Steamers: These work by opening up pores, allowing for deeper cleansing and improved absorption of skincare products, which can enhance overall skin health and appearance.
  3. Blackhead Remover Tools: Uses suction to extract impurities like blackheads and excess oil from the pores, helping to clear and refine the skin’s texture.
  4. Dermaplaners: These gently exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz, resulting in a smoother complexion.
  5. Microneedling Pen: Uses tiny needles to create micro-injuries in the skin, which stimulates collagen production and encourages the skin to renew itself, resulting in improved texture and boosted glow.


Discover your new beauty tool


Applying makeup shouldn’t be a scary task, or leave you feeling dissatisfied with the results. Your face should be your canvas, and each stroke of makeup should resemble a masterpiece. By learning different techniques and learning the potential of beauty tools, anyone can unlock their ability to enhance natural beauty and elevate their self-care routine.

At Invogue, our beauty tools enable you to be the best version of yourself. From many tools to choose from, We hope you can find the best beauty tool for you. Shop our makeup tools and skincare tools today!