Alicia Dobson

Celebrity hairglammer Alicia Dobson, better known as @hairtohelp, is a UK based hair stylist.

Alicia has worked on some top TV programmes and adverts that are on our screens daily. She has also been part of conferences for some of the biggest UK hair brands and has also been known for styling hair for Mary J Blige and Craig David. She discovered her passion for hair when she was studying at Manchester college. During Alicia’s time there she was invited to teach a hair masterclass consisting of 120 people at Kingston University. Alicia works with celebrity clients on a daily basis and has since built an incredible rapport within the hair industry over the years.

Alicia's Review

Soinvogue is a blessing in my daily life of hair glamming, I couldn’t go a day without using the Brushworks or So Eco brushes as they just work so well with all hair types!

I have one fave brush, and that’s the Brushworks Detangling Brush. I honestly can’t live without this brush and neither can my clients.

My absolute fave lashes to use on clients are the Eye Candy Dramatise #106 lashes, they are natural, fluffy lashes which helps to add super wispiness! They suit almost any eye shape. I have also been using the Eye Candy Naturalise #103 lashes on my bridal clients, who are usually not looking for anything super heavy.

Brushworks brushes are super soft. They have the most fabulous finger indents on the brushes that are so helpful, especially when it comes to multitasking as a makeup artist and being a perfectionist!

Alicia's Favourite Brand