A Love Letter to Invogue False Eyelashes from Bodycare

At Bodycare, we love finding the very best health and beauty essentials on the market and giving them to our customers at the best prices around.

That’s why we’ve become a little bit obsessed with Invogue’s range of false eyelashes.

This list of everything that makes Invogue fake lashes so wonderful is our love letter to some of the most fluttery, flattering, and easy to apply false eyelashes on the market.

1… The number of different looks in the Invogue false eyelashes range

At Bodycare, we stock a wide range of Invogue false eyelash products. Whether they’re multipacks or an effortless glam lash that’s perfect for daytime events. Girl’s Night will give you high impact, super-full, flirtatious lashes, just what you need for hitting the town, whilst Birthday Glam gives length, and the clustered look will ensure you’re the star of the show.

Whatever scenario you might consider wearing false eyelashes, Invogue has the perfect set.

2… The quality of these false lashes

All Invogue lashes are hand-crafted and hand-tied from synthetic materials. They’re affordable but they’re also amazing quality. No pair has ever let us down, and we’re very happy to recommend them to our customers at Bodycare.

3… The price

At Bodycare, you can pick up a pair of Invogue false eyelashes for unforgettable prices, and you can bag their multipack of three pairs of Invogue fake eyelashes in endless styles. These are products that make looking and feeling fantastic affordable for everyone.

4… The product names!

Sunday Funday, Date Night, Vacay, Girl Next Door. Not only do all these product names make us excited for the weekly events in our diaries, they help us to understand the look we’ll get with each pair. We think it’s genius, and it’s absolutely inspired us to glam up our Sundays.

5… Effortless to apply and remove

The best false lashes are easy to apply and remove. It couldn’t be easier to get the perfect look with Invogue lashes, and taking off your lashes is simple, too.

6… Vegan and cruelty free eyelashes

We’re proud to stock vegan and cruelty free products from Invogue. It’s important to our customers, and it’s important to us. It’s just one more thing about the brand that has us singing their praises.

So, Invogue false eyelashes, we love you. Our customers love you. And we’re counting down the days until our next date night, girl’s night, brunch or vacay.